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皇家彩票网是否正规:中国的经济已经成为No 1了

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内容摘要:CHINA'S economy is number one!来源: is number 1 in a lot of things in the world starting with population. The...

CHINA'S economy is number one!来源:

China is number 1 in a lot of things in the world starting with population. They don't stop there because they are number 1 in manufacturing, imports, exports, production of clean energy, solar energy, nuclear power capacity under construction, hydro power capacity, solar thermal water heating capacity, steel production, cotton production,tobacco production, beer production, automobile production and purchasing of automobiles, high tech exports, initial public offerings, and yes China became the world's largest economy in December 2014. It produced 17.6 trillion dollars worth of goods taking the United States out of the top spot that they held for decades. In 2000 the United States produced just about three times the goods China produced so in a short 14 year period China ramped up production to be number one. China is number one in wind power, property development, super computers and the number one tourism source market in the world. For a country that just came onto the world stage in 1978 this is a great jump forward for the country but it's not over because you see China wants to be number one in everything and in time they will be. It's all just bad news for the west as they can not compete with China. The western wages are to high, products are to expensive, they have to many rules and regulations and that's not even taking into account all the special interest groups that make it just about impossible to get anything done without a fight or a court battle. All these factors will bring the economies of the west lower and lower and we shall see a reversal of rolls for countries in the future. China is not so Politically correct that it jeopardizes their economy where the west goes out of it's way trying to prove to the rest of the world that being PC is more important than anything else. Tell that to an auto worker in Detroit when his job is sent to Mexico or China because they couldn't compete. Why do all the major companies the big players outsource their manufacturing to China and the answer is simple because it's cheaper and all the Politically Correctness and Special Interest in the world will not change this fact. The west had better learn to compete or be pushed out of the game.

      中国有许多事物因为庞大的人口数成为No1。他们永不停歇,即使他们在制造、进口、出口,清洁能源,生产太阳能、核电在建规模、水电容量、太阳能热水加热能力、钢铁生产、棉花生产、烟叶生产、啤酒生产、汽车生产和采购,高新技术产品出口,IPO这些领域都已经成为No1, 中国在2014年12月成为世界最大的经济体(按PPP)。它生产了价值17兆6000亿美元的商品,取代了美国持续了几十年来的第一名位置。而在2000年美国生产的商品是中国的大约三倍,中国制造在短短的14年期间跃居No 1。中国的风电、房地产开发、超级计算机、旅游客源市场世界第一。作为一个 1978年刚刚走上世界舞台的国家,这是国家的飞跃,但是这还没完,因为你看到中国在争取想成为一切的No1,而且我认为假以时日他们将可能做到这一点。对于西方世界来说这将是坏消息,西方无法抗衡中国。西方的工资高,产品昂贵,他们有许多规章制度,甚至没有考虑到所有的特殊利益集团,没有一场战争或者诉讼西方世界将一事无成。所有这些因素都会使西方国家的经济越来越低,将来我们的国家会出现逆转。中国不是政治正确的,它试图向世界表明当世界其他地方把政治正确看得比什么都重要的时候,它损害了西方的经济。告诉那些在底特律工作的汽车工人,他的工作被送到墨西哥或中国因为他们无法与之竞争。为什么所有的大公司大玩家把制造业转移到中国,答案很简单,因为那里制造便宜,所有的政治正确和特殊利益的世界不会改变这个事实。西方最好学会与中国竞争否则将会被淘汰。

Jay Dee4

China is #1 in everything, while America is busy waging war, raising taxes, and etc.
Jimmy Huang

But, but, but, according to the mainstream media, China’s economy was going to collapse, every year, since like 10 years ago. It must have collapsed into a super black hole and started to suck everything into it.

TJ Fletcher

Yikes. Is bigger better? The polish will wear off. Number one is impressive but not everything. Quality of life is not even on the scale in china
啊哟。大一点更好吗?光环总会黯淡。第一是令人印象深刻的,但不是一切。中国的 生活质量糟透了。

Chesty Buller

They said the same thing about Japan in the 80s, they made toys gadgets etc, then improved on that and sold appliances and cars, then crashed. China depends on the US for innovation, just like Japan did. The population is a huge dynamic, but I dont think they will take over.The US is finally investing in itself and the over correcting about everything is counter productive, agreed but the Asians still go there for all their education


Robert Lindh

this guyn needs to get an operation to slant his eyes

chen charles

usa is still the no 1.


mr bob

That is all true. Basically China is taking over the world by playing dirty in every aspect. stilling technology,, Hacking from Hollywood to every company in the world, pentagon contractors.  Braving politicians around the world , corporate CEOs, manipulating prices,  unfair import-export tax policies, blocking free competition inside China, etc.  I think the western world will have to drop the 200 year old mentality or go to ww3.

那都是真的。基本上,中国正在世界各地的每个方面玩阴的。窃取技术,黑掉好莱坞到世界各地的公司,五角大楼。勇敢的政治家和企业的老总 遍布世界各地,操纵价格,不公平的进出口税收政策,阻碍在中国的 自由竞争,我认为西方世界将不得不因为旧的心态落后 200年要么开启第三次世界大战。

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